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Orchid Lane

Uunsi Smoke

Uunsi Smoke

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Top Notes: Coriander, Bergamot

Mid Notes: Orange, Lily

Base Notes: Frankincense, Myrhh

Experience our Uunsi Smoke candle, now made with an even more of a masterful blend of woody warmth and delicate spiciness, reminiscent of traditional Somali incense. An electrifying, zesty opening of coriander and bergamot leads you on an olfactory journey to a meditative realm. The mellow, incense-like aroma of frankincense and myrrh radiates a sense of serenity and relaxation with its rich, resinous nuances.

Product Details

  • Handpoured in small batches in Canada
  • Formulations that are vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and paraben-free
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Best Scent!

Hands down my favourite scent to make my house feel like home.

A sensory delight!

Uunsi Smoke candle is a sensory delight! The intricate blend of woody and smoky notes, coupled with the refreshing touch of coriander and bergamot, creates an atmosphere of pure bliss. Lighting this candle feels like unlocking a secret world of relaxation. A must-have for anyone seeking a cozy and aromatic retreat! Trust me; you won’t regret purchasing this!

Nancy Plasman

Uunsi Smoke

“Your house smells so good!”

This candle is no joke. Your house will be smelling good for hours. One time I had family coming over and I lit ‘Uunsi Smoke’ before their arrival. Once they came, everyone kept asking, “What smells so good?!” I pointed to the ‘Uunsi Smoke’ candle and my cousins tried to steal it from me. Hands were thrown. I won the fight, that’s all I gotta say. Orchid Lane candles are incredible. They smell out of this world 🙏🏾

Amazing scent in my home

In love with this candle! It burns so lovely with the wood wick. Very comforting, not overpowering scent. Highly recommend